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A Guide To Understanding the Cost of Health Care

April 7, 2016

NY Daily News, Paul Ketches

Patients utilizing healthcare today are being asked to take on a new role with a whole new set of responsibilities: Informed Health Care Consumer.

This poses a challenge to patients accustomed to a health care market where price information often isn’t known until after the service is rendered, and the patient simply receives a bill a month later. [Read more…]

Severe Spring Allergies Drive People to Comparison Shop for Tests, Therapies to Save Money

July 1, 2015

HealthSparq data shows allergy shots and tests are among most frequently shopped medical treatments in Spring, nearly double 2014 figures Read More…

The Cities Where Health Care Costs Are Way Too High

May 22, 2015

CheatSheet, Chloe Della Costa

From the perspective of the average patient, there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason when it comes to health care pricing. Previously we looked at the medical procedures and prescription drugs that are way too expensive in the U.S. compared to other developed countries. Health care prices can vary greatly within the U.S. as well, with some cities and states seeing wildly different medical bills for the same procedure, often under almost identical circumstances. Read more…

How to Survive This Awful Allergy Season

April 21, 2015

Time Money, Kara Brandeisky

Lingering winter cold means pollen levels could rise quickly—and so could your medical costs. Read more…

Who Covers the Cost of Preventative Surgery Like Angelina Jolie’s

March 25, 2015

Time Money, Kara Brandeisky

Faced with a genetic predisposition to cancer, Angelina Jolie opted for a preventive surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But can other women afford to do the same? Read more…

Transparency in Health Care: Not All Consumers Want to Look

March 24, 2015

Health Populi, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Financial wellness is integral to overall health. And the proliferation of high-deductible health plans for people covered by both public insurance exchanges as well as employer-sponsored commercial (private sector) plans, personal financial angst is a growing fact-of-life, -health, and -healthcare. Read more…

Student Wants to Collect Your Medical Invoice to Compare Costs Around Pittsburgh

March 20, 2015

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Steve Twedt

Alex Sciuto has designs on your medical bills.

Specifically, the Carnegie Mellon University graduate design student is asking people to send him copies of their bills — minus names or other identifying information — to compile and share with anyone curious about how much common medical procedures cost here. Read more…

Gawker Examines Variations in Surgical Prices by City

March 19, 2015

FierceHealthFinance, Ron Shinkman

Prices for common medical procedures at hospitals vary widely by city, according to a new examination by the online publication Gawker. Costs can differ by 200 percent or more. Read more…

New Data Shows Differing Prices In Medical Procedures Across Cities

March 18, 2015

Opposing Views, Arthur Kogan

New data compiled by Gawker sheds light on the alarming differences in the costs of medical procedures across U.S. cities. Read more…

Health Care Costs in Houston Compared to Elsewhere

March 18, 2015

Houston Chronicle, John-Henry Perera

Not all appendixes, bunions and tonsils are removed equally in the U.S., according to data from HealthSparq and Gawker. Read more…

The Baffling Price Differences for Common Surgeries Across America’s Cities

March 17, 2015

DailyMail, Staff Writer

When you want to buy something - a lunch, a shirt or a plane ticket - you can usually find the price of the item on a menu, tag or online listing. It’s not as easy when it comes to health care. Read more…

Here’s How Much Medical Procedures Cost in Different Cities

March 17, 2015

Gawker, Hamilton Nolan

America’s health care system has many problems. One is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to know how much things cost. We asked for prices on health care. Now, we’ve assembled some for you. Read more…

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