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Portland Firm’s Study Sheds Light On Why So Few People Use Online Health Care Tools

March 5, 2015

Portland Business Journal, Elizabeth Hayes

While consumer demand for online health care shopping tools is high, engagement with those tools is low. HealthSparq and consulting firm Cicero Group teamed up to find out why that is. Read more…

Study Reveals People Demand Health Care Shopping Tools, But Don’t Know When Health Plans Offer Them

March 5, 2015

New findings from Cicero Group show that health plans must improve communication with their members to build tool utilization. Read More…

10 Health IT Trends for 2015

January 3, 2015, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Doctors and hospitals often exist in a universe parallel to the consumers, patients, and caregivers they serve, a prominent chief medical information officer told me last week. In one world, clinicians and health care providers continue to implement the electronic health records systems they’ve adopted over the past several years, respond to financial incentives for meaningful use, and re-engineer workflows to manage the business of health care under constrained reimbursement. Read more…

Portland-based HealthSparq’s Healthcare Shopping Tools a Hit with Pregnant Women

December 16, 2014

Oregonian, Amy Wang

Suppose you could compare labor and delivery costs the way you compare prices at online retailers. That possibility has become reality through HealthSparq, which has developed online tools available to 78 million members of 67 health plans for researching and comparing local costs for common medical procedures. Read more…

Expectant Mothers are Most Frequent Health Care Shoppers in Pacific Northwest

December 10, 2014

Data from HealthSparq Reveals Consumer Health Shopping Trends Read More…

Castlight Health surfaces health plan big data; Millennials’ quirks

October 14, 2014

ZDNet, Larrry Dignan

The research examines distinctive searches, or queries by an age, gender or regional group that differs the most from the overall search rate, instead of common searches. Across the board, primary care is the most common search term. Read more…

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