HealthSparq 2017 Value Award Winners

In addition to our executive and sales awards, our value awards fall into four main categories. Winners of the value awards are nominated and chosen by their peers as a testament to the impact their great work has on others every day.

Our values and this year’s winners are listed below. Congratulations to this amazing group of Sparqies and here’s to a great year ahead!

This award is given to the person who always goes further than they have to. They show passion, desire and are always excited to take on something new and take the extra step to figure it out. Their drive and tenacity always propel them forward. They are adaptable and resilient.

Winner: Kate Tolman
Kate’s willingness to work late hours, overnight, weekends and any other time QA is needed is a regular occurrence, but when a colleague needed to take personal time during a critical project, she stepped up. She not only surpassed her QA responsibilities as a team lead and tester, but she also took on a BA role to get requirements defined and configurations completed.

This award is for the person who is always keeping an eye toward the future. Do people want a faster horse or a car? That’s the type of question this person asks as they yearn for continuous improvement. They are innovative, creative and are always bringing their teams along with them.

Winner: Matthew Anthes-Washburn (aka AW)
AW is always thinking of ways to keep HealthSparq at the forefront of technological innovations that will help us continue to be a market leader. His out-of-the-box thinking is what helps makes us stand out as a health tech company.

This award is given to the person who is the most people-ish person at HealthSparq, the Mayor of PeopleVille, if you will. Whether it’s helping a teammate, keeping a client happy or making sure our tools are people friendly, this person puts the “people” in HealthSparq and exhibits empathy, humility and fun while doing so.

Winner: Jim Dewson
Even though Jim holds one of the most stressful positions at HealthSparq – serving as the gatekeeper to production - he manages to bring humor and levity to work with him every day, even on weekends and even at 5 a.m.

This award goes to the person who best embodies the concept of understanding they are part of something bigger. They share accountability for results. For this person, it’s not about the task, it’s about what the task means to the greater good and mutual purpose. They empower others, assume the best in their teammates and always try to get everyone on the same page (and that’s not easy!).

Winner: Rachel Borgeson
Rachel holds herself to a very high standard and as a result, the people around her have to be better if only to keep up. Not only that, she works hard to make other people’s jobs easier. She’s great at removing road blocks, championing causes and keeping client deliverables front and center. Because so much of her work is done behind the scenes, you may not see the full impact she has, but she keeps HealthSparq as a whole moving forward.

This year, our executive team created a new award ‑- handpicking one staff member to highlight for their outstanding contributions to HealthSparq’s success.

Winner: Tim Forsberg
Tim contributes across the board to HSQ’s success. Tim’s approach is always friendly and open, often answering questions with a generous tutorial around the answer. He addresses production defects days, nights and weekends. He occupies a unique space by supporting the sales pipeline with estimates on the front end, while also doing detailed implementation work on the back end to enhance the user experience with better provider data. 

Not only did Tom smash his goal for the year, he also closed the largest deal in HealthSparq history (along with 13 other deals). It was an amazing achievement and an amazing year!

What do these wonderful people look like? Check it out!