2016 Starts Off Strong for Price Transparency

It’s been a thrilling start to 2016 at HealthSparq. We wrapped up 2015 on a high note and one month in, we’re seeing even more people using our tools to receive even more cost estimates than ever before.

January shattered our previous monthly high for cost estimates delivered and the data revealed a couple interesting insights.

4 things we noticed last month:

  • Awareness of shopping tools is on the rise. We’re not kidding when we say January was a big month for transparency! We delivered an astounding 43% more cost estimates than our previous best month on record. That’s a lot of people armed with the knowledge to make better health care choices. To celebrate, we’ve decided 2016 should be the year of the HealthSparq Unicorn Graphs, so here is what January’s uptick looks like:

  • Office visits are kicking off the year with a bang. Check-ups, wellness visits and annual physicals have surged. They’ve completely surpassed all other cost estimate categories, with a 108% increase over the prior monthly high. We can’t say exactly why, but doctor’s offices must have been very busy last month. Cue the beautiful unicorn graph!

  • Southern men aged 25-34 want a regular ol’ doctors visit the most. How do we reach that conclusion, you might ask? By adding up these facts:
  1. The South was the only region where office visits were the top-ranked category.
  2. Nationally, people ages 25-34 viewed 35% of all office visit cost estimates.
  3. In January, office visits were #1 for men and #2 for women nationally.
  • Women are still having babies. Women ages 25-44 continue to get costs associated with labor and delivery the most – consistent with every other month that we’ve had our cost tool available.

Interesting fact: Labor and Delivery has been at the top of our search results for women since we first began offering our tools.

Contributed by:

Stephanie Albright is a Digital Consumer Analyst at HealthSparq. She has 5 years of experience in audience and consumer analytics and is a fervent advocate for leveraging data to make products better and more impactful for consumers.

Tyler Cox is the Senior Manager of Consumer Analytics and Insights for HealthSparq. He and his team are responsible for leveraging quantitative and qualitative data to discover key consumer insights that improve HealthSparq’s online consumer health-care transparency solutions.