Engage your members in a trusted health community

HealthSparq Us

Want to help your members live happier and healthier, armed with the confidence they need to make better health care choices? Connect them with HealthSparq Us, a national network of support from real people and real health and wellness experts. Whether your members need advice on how to unwind after work, are seeking a support group after a recent diagnosis, are looking for weight loss tips or want to know what to expect during pregnancy, they’ll find a trusted community in HealthSparq Us.

Expert Advice on Relevant Health Care Topics

Members get insider information from expert bloggers who write about a variety of relevant topics, including healthy eating, women’s health, parenting and relationships.

Currently, our experts include a nurse practitioner, OB/GYN, nutritionist, pharmacist, licensed therapist and HSA expert who not only produce original blog posts, but who also participate in the discussion boards and provide answers to member-generated questions. Experts rotate to reflect the evolving needs of the community, ensuring your members are always getting the most relevant and interesting information possible.

A Supportive Community

Members can build a network of support with others in the Community by participating in open forum discussions, or by joining patient-generated peer support groups to share their experiences and get advice from others going through similar circumstances.

100% Anonymous

Members can rest assured that once they securely login to HealthSparq Us, their identity is protected. Our trained moderators ensure personal health information is masked and all members have a safe and enjoyable experience in the community. Private message functionality, the use of avatars and member control over their personal profile and privacy further assures complete anonymity so that members can freely join discussions and post those hard-to-ask questions.

In the Know

Activity streams show everything happening in the community, from updates to posts and new responses to threads, ensuring that members are kept in the loop on all the activity that is most interesting to them. Members can also customize their streams to follow other members, experts, specific discussion boards and threads.

Mobile Access

It’s easy for members to connect on the go—HealthSparq Us is optimized for mobile devices, too.