Helping members shop, compare and save on health care

HealthSparq One

HealthSparq One brings the online shopping experience to health care and helps consumers make better choices.

Designed to meet member needs

In the last four years, there have been more than 212 million searches performed within our tools. That’s a lot of searches so we make sure they are up to the task.

Our tools are designed around your members. We start by involving them in the process. We conduct ongoing usability testing onsite every two weeks, where we ask members what they want, how our tools are working for them and if we’re meeting their needs. They are a critical input into our roadmap development.

Easy to Use

We want our tools to be as simple to use as possible, it’s why we introduced a single search bar. People can search for a doctor, a treatment, a facility, a service or a condition all from one location. And when they get results returned, they will see all the information they need presented at once; individualized cost, patient reviews, quality reports, locations, etc.

Not only will they see all of the basic information that they need to make a smarter choice, but they will also be presented with our treatment timeline, which is uniquely offered in HealthSparq One. Your members see their procedure on a timeline, understand the total time for each phase and will understand what to expect in the evaluation, procedure and post-procedure phases and have access to true, individualized cost information through-out.

It’s so helpful to see everything involved in the delivery laid out on a timeline, both for financial planning and to just understand the journey ahead.

— Megan, Expectant Mother

Real Data to Support Your Decisions

With our tools, you eliminate the confusion surrounding health care options and help your members easily research quality care and see crucial decision-making information all in one place. They can explore and understand their options before making an appointment or agreeing to a treatment—powerful insights that can lead to lower costs and higher quality for everyone.

HealthSparq One leverages real-world claims and data to provide accurate cost estimates and treatment timelines for care. With year-round development and enhancements to the functionality of our SaaS solution, you and your members will always have the latest in decision making tools at your fingertips.

Solution Highlights:

  • A single search bar helps members find doctors, facilities, treatments and services with common, everyday language
  • All-in-one search results bring up the essential information a member needs to make an informed decision, from nearby doctors to cost estimates, quality ratings and patient reviews, network designations and more
  • Quick-glance comparisons point to cost-effective options for providers, treatments and facilities
  • Real individualized prices are displayed, showing out-of-pocket costs to a member based on their individual health plan benefits
  • Cost estimators provide the big picture of a treatment plan showing the end-to-end timeline for care—from evaluation to recovery
  • Patient review and ratings offer insights into fellow members’ actual experiences with providers
  • Informative provider profiles and nationally recognized quality measurement help members find the right fit for care
  • Integrated search capability meets NCQA requirements, enabling your health plan to gain accreditation

Help your members make smarter health care choices that will let them find the best care at the best prices for them.