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5 Healthcare Predictions for 2017

January 19, 2017

Electronic Health Reporter, Guest post by Torben Nielsen

Significant policy changes are inevitably on the horizon for health care in 2017. Though the question marks about what is next for our industry seem endless, Americans are wondering how health care costs will change, and if their insurance carrier will continue to provide them with the coverage they need. Read more…

Patients Send Postcards From the Edge to #WhatTheHealthCare

December 28, 2016

Internet Health Management, Mark Brogan

A digital healthcare development company earlier this month put up a social media outlet to let patients tell the world their horror stories and views about dealing with the U.S. healthcare system. And thus far patients are actively sharing their rants, comments and reviews online—with gusto. Read more…

HealthSparq Seeks ‘Idiotic’ Stories with #WhatTheHealthCare Campaign

December 9, 2016

MedCity News, Andis Robeznieks

Everybody in the world has an “idiotic healthcare story,” according to HealthSparq, and the provider of online healthcare shopping tools is collecting them on Twitter and Facebook as part of its #WhatTheHealthCare campaign. Read more…

2015 Revenues From 17 Inc. 5,000 Digital Health Companies

August 23, 2016

Mobihealth News, Jonah Comstock

Every year, Inc. Magazine talks thousands of private companies into divulging their otherwise closely held financial data to the publication in exchange for a chance at placing on the annual Inc 5,000 and Inc 500 fastest growing private companies in America lists. See the digital health companies who made this year’s list...

Health Catalyst, Welltok, CynergisTek garner spots on Inc.’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies List

August 18, 2016

Healthcare IT News, Bernie Monegain

Health IT companies on the magazine’s annual roster specialize in a variety of products and services from analytics and cognitive computing to security management. Read more…

HealthSparq Creates First-of-its-kind Platform for Health Care Comparison Shopping and Appointment Purchasing

July 21, 2016

HealthSparq Creates First-of-its-kind Platform for Health Care Comparison Shopping and Appointment Purchasing Read More…

6 Healthcare Predictions for 2016

January 14, 2016

Electronic Health Reporter, Guest Post by Torben Nielsen

The past few years have seen record investments in digital health. More than $12 billion have been poured into digital health companies in 2014 and 2015 alone, according to Rock Health, and there’s no indication of any slowing in 2016. Here are my predictions for what’s in store for health care in the New Year: Read more…

Transparent Motives: Advocates Expand Their Efforts to Improve Access to Health Care Quality Data

November 13, 2015

Wiley Only Library, Bryn Nelson, PhD

Trux Dole is fond of detailing how the health care services company he works for, HealthSparq Inc in Portland, Oregon, is aiming to dramatically improve the transparency of health care information available to insurance plan beneficiaries.

However, the health plan spinoff, independent since 2012, is more than just a business venture. During his son Gage’s 6-year battle with cancer, Mr. Dole and his family had to navigate 5 health care systems and 4 plans, more than 30 rounds of chemotherapy, and a bone marrow transplant. Gage fought Ewing sarcoma, acute myelogenous leukemia, and several recurrences before dying in 2011 at the age of 9 years.

“This is personal for me,” Mr. Dole says. “If you’re like the rest of us, nobody thinks about health care until it’s right in front of them, and then it’s just overwhelming.” When HealthSparq began talking to people about their own difficulties in navigating the health care system, he repeatedly heard a familiar refrain: “If I’d only known.” Read more…

New HealthSparq Clean Helps Health Plans Avoid Costly CMS, State-Level Fines for Inaccurate Provider Directories

October 29, 2015

HealthSparq announced its new data-as-a-service offering HealthSparq Clean today, a program that helps health plans correct the inaccuracies in their provider databases and establish ongoing updates. Read More…

Vasectomies, Wellness Treatment Searches Gain Popularity in the New Year

March 26, 2015

Insurance News Net, Staff Writer

People in the United States increasingly shopped for vasectomies in the first quarter of the New Year. Read more…

Transparency in Health Care: Not All Consumers Want to Look

March 24, 2015

Health Populi, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Financial wellness is integral to overall health. And the proliferation of high-deductible health plans for people covered by both public insurance exchanges as well as employer-sponsored commercial (private sector) plans, personal financial angst is a growing fact-of-life, -health, and -healthcare. Read more…

The Affordable Care Act As New-Business Creator

March 19, 2015

Health Populi, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

While there’s little evidence that the short-term impact of the Affordable Care Act has limited job growth or driven most employers to drop health insurance plans, the ACA has spawned a “cottage industry” of health companies since 2010, according to PwC. Read more…

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