5 Quick Ways to Increase Member Engagement

More than 90% of people want to know their health costs before getting service. Unfortunately, only 2% of people are actually using their health plans’ cost estimator tools. There is clearly a disconnect, and much of the issue comes down to communication and engagement.

To kick off a thoughtful, data-driven and targeted approach to increasing member adoption of digital tools, give these simple strategies a try (and download our white paper for even more insights to inform your approach):

Quick Tips for Health Plan Member Engagement
  1. Start segmenting (somehow). Even for plans without advanced data analytics capabilities, there are still opportunities to group members by simple demographic characteristics—like age, gender and geography.
  2. Communicate early and often. Data shows that members appreciate frequent outreach to remind them about these tools and their value.
  3. Make sure tools are in the right place. Of course, members must know how to find a plan’s tool, understand what it does, and how to use it. This can be as easy as using the right tool name and displaying links to it prominently on portals and websites.
  4. Beef up email outreach. Research shows that ongoing communication—especially via email—is proven for keeping tools top of mind for members.
  5. Leverage existing relationships. Plans have an opportunity to leverage their members’ relationship with employers or providers to promote a better understanding of tool value.

To learn more about any of the member experience data and best practices described in this document, or for more quick-win tips, reach out to talk to one of our experts!