Building people-focused campaigns for people-focused products

Let’s face it – health care can seem cold and unfeeling. In fact, you may feel like you are going at it alone. When you call your health plan or doctor’s office, you might be greeted with an automated phone system or news that you have to pay for something you thought was covered.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone on your side, your own personal guide to health care? Well, we’ve got ‘em. Our Health Care Advisors are available by phone or chat, to answer any and all health care questions. They can handle it all, from “I want a female pediatrician near home” and “how much does an MRI cost?” to more complicated scenarios such as “I need to get my ACL repaired – how long will it take, where should I go and how can I save money along the way?”

At HealthSparq, our mission and passion is helping people make smarter health care choices. We love to hear the real stories behind how our solutions – whether through our digital tools, telehealth, or the Health Care Advisors themselves – have helped people take control of their health care.

So when it came time to develop a marketing campaign about our advisers, we knew we wanted to focus on the people behind the phone and computer – the ones who make health care easier. When marketing anything, the benefits to the user should be clear and ideally shouldn’t require a lot of words to communicate them. When our “product” is a people-powered service, it becomes more difficult to achieve.

We debated a variety of great creative directions – and hit on it. Our Health Care Advisors truly are health care heroes. Whether it’s removing roadblocks to quality health care, demystifying the inherent mumbo jumbo or being strong for those people who are feeling scared and vulnerable, this team does it all. With the campaign direction set, next came the talent decision. We knew we wanted to use the advisers themselves for the creative but understood not everyone is comfortable being in front of a camera or having their face splashed onto print collateral, websites, etc. The team, however, rose to the occasion and we had more than enough volunteers.

So, with that, the creative director for the project and myself hopped a plane to our service center in Medford and spent the day shooting eight of the advisers. I couldn’t be happier with the results. In each and every photo, the knowledge, empathy and compassion of that adviser really come through – an authenticity we could not have achieved from stock photos or hired models. Don’t you just want to give them a call to have them help you untangle the messy world of health care?