Celebrating 5 Years of Helping People Make Smarter Healthcare Choices

HealthSparq exists to help people make smarter healthcare choices. As we celebrate five years as a company, we took stock of what we’ve accomplished so far and what a few of the people who have been with us since the beginning think of our growth.

One thing we’ve learned over the last five years is that HealthSparq is unique in our space. We started as part of a health plan in 2008 and from there built our tools – testing them on real people all the way – before spinning off in 2012 to create our own company.

Here are some of the ‘firsts’ that make us unique in the healthcare transparency space:
• The first to launch patient reviews
• The first to launch out-of-pocket costs
• The first to launch treatment costs
• The first and only transparency provider to offer a vibrant healthcare community where members can learn from each other
• The only provider to offer out-of-pocket costs on the entire treatment episode, not just the procedure

Beyond what we’ve accomplished in the marketplace, we are very proud of our people. So, what do a few of them that have been with HealthSparq since the beginning have to say?

What’s been the most exciting change you’ve seen in the last five years at HealthSparq
“Our growth and the potential to impact 70 MILLION people’s lives. Coming into work each morning with 200 other folks all focused on our mission. Crazy to think back to the initial ‘dirty dozen’ of us trying to get a reviews product out the door to meet a deadline.”
– Trux Dole, Senior Product Manager

“We FINALLY have our heads in the cloud: technical infrastructure as a service, internal software as a service, and customer service as an expectation! (SUMMARY: Our tech stack)”
– Joseph Ammons, Systems Analyst

“The growth of the HealthSparq from 12 original employees to more 200! We have a product and a service that is needed by our clients and healthcare consumers. It is exciting to bring the solution to the market.” 
– Karen Costello, Senior Product Manager

What attracted you to HealthSparq and what keeps you here?
“Helping people make smarter healthcare choices. What keeps me going is my son’s 6-year cancer battle and the thought that I can help one other parent avoid learning the hard way how to better navigate the healthcare system.”
– Trux Dole

“I was excited to break away from our parent company so we could apply all of our focus on bringing transparency and search solutions to the industry.”
– Karen Costello

“What attracted me to HealthSparq was the feeling of excitement, energy and adventure moving from the Regence “PATIENT REVIEWS” project into this “NUCO” where we could keep the successes going. (SUMMARY: peer pressure!)
– Joseph Ammons

What inspires you about the work we do, what inspires you to be part of the healthcare industry?
“Knowing we are all 1 degree away from needing these tools ourselves and tackling a problem that not just anyone can solve.”
– Trux Dole

“I am inspired every day to work at a cause-driven company with great people who are trying to make healthcare better for all.”
– Karen Costello

“I’m inspired by the Cambia Vision that we can change the U.S. healthcare system for the better (and not just the health insurance system!). I’m inspired by the promise that HealthSparq can improve peoples’ lives through the work we do, the products we deliver, and the impact we command. Also, I’m inspired by the forward-thinking trailblazers that can keep their eyes on the ball making today’s play, focus on the scoreboard, and still be thinking about the completely different game we’ll need to be playing next year.” (SUMMARY: helping people)
– Joseph Ammons

And on a final note, a few words from one of our first executives, Brodie Dychinco
“I love how this team continues to be energized by aiming to solve challenges clients face with the same passion and drive for the consumer at the center of the solution as they did 5 years ago.  The team has grown in size, the impact to consumers has grown in capability, and the number of clients putting their trust in HealthSparq has grown in number… but the commitment to help consumers make smarter healthcare decisions remains the center of focus.”