Enough Talk, Let’s Get Sh*t Done!

Last week, our own Burt Rosen (@burtrosen) hosted at Twitter chat with #HITsm. We took the opportunity to what actions we as a health care community are taking to really make change in the industry. Why? Because its time to stop just talking about the need for change. Its time to actually start making change!

We had a great discussion and below are just a few of the highlights:

Intro: If you could have any super power to change health care, what would it be?

T1: How are you using that super power right now to make a real, measurable difference in health care?

T2: What’s your kryptonite? What obstacles are you facing?

T3: Does your work depend on other people? How are you connecting them/connecting with them to keep things moving forward? #HITsm

T4: Any advice to help each other out?

T5: A year from now, will you have changed health care in a way you’re proud of?

Bonus: Now that you’ve all committed to being health care heroes – what are you going to call yourself when you wear your cape? #HITsm (Need help? Use our new Health Care Superhero Name Generator!)