The Four Healthcare Shopping Personas

Health Care Shopping Personas

As you can probably tell by now, we’re obsessed with understanding our users. Why? Because it’s the best way for us to improve what we build based on what people actually need.

Who makes up this funnel? The 237k people that used our cost estimator tool to shop for healthcare in 2015. This number isn’t just the people that visited our tools, but that actually did something with them.

So, what do healthcare shoppers look like?

 The Curios health care shopperThe Curious
All the people in this funnel came to our tool to see what healthcare “shopping” is all about. Every healthcare shopper falls into this category, but some go even further in the experience to truly make better healthcare choices.

Explorer health care shopperThe Explorers
This group saw at least a range of cost for care. These healthcare consumers had the opportunity to do something that was unimaginable not too long ago – know the price tag of a particular procedure before care is received.

health care consumersThe Consumers
This group of users saw range of cost and a facility or provider specific estimate. A majority of users searching or browsing in HealthSparq tools took the next step in taking charge of their medical costs and discovered how a particular provider or location would impact their bill.

health care shoppersThe Shoppers
Our most exciting group saw range of cost and received more than one facility or provider specific estimate. These users made the transition from healthcare consumers to healthcare shoppers by engaging in comparison shopping behavior. HealthSparq helped these people make smarter healthcare choices.

Why is all of this important?

As deductibles and healthcare costs rise, it is more important than ever to empower people with cost information so that they can make the smartest choices for themselves and their families. By understanding how users behave in our tools, we are able to identify how and where we can improve the user experience and empower all users to become part of the “shoppers” category.

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HealthSparq staff and our data analytics gurus:

  • Stephanie Albright is a Digital Consumer Analyst at HealthSparq. She has 5 years of experience in audience and consumer analytics and is a fervent advocate for leveraging data to make products better and more impactful for consumers.