Giving Providers New Insights into Patient Choices & Healthcare Shopping

Have you ever seen a doctor and been given a referral for more blood tests? Or a recommendation for where to get the MRI you need? How about a prescription to have filled? I’d venture a guess that most of us have. And, once given the referral or prescription, did you wonder how much it would cost? Or where you should or could go? Usually, the doctor gives you a recommendation, and you follow orders.

It’s often the case that doctors don’t know the impact their recommendations or referrals have on you from a financial standpoint. And it’s highly unlikely your doctor knows any specific details related to your health insurance coverage. Because there are often many options and widely ranging costs, we believe this insight and personalized information from a trusted provider can improve your healthcare experiences.

Now your doctor can understand the impact his or her recommended care has on your finances.
HealthSparq has offered personalized healthcare shopping tools for years, allowing consumers to search for care, review costs and compare quality. Now doctors can access this same information in the exact moment that the referral or recommendation discussion takes place using the HealthSparq search and cost tools.

It’s not all about cost – but it sure does matter.
Of course how much something costs should not be the only driver for healthcare decisions, but there are a number of times where it certainly should be a major influencer. Can I get the same level of quality and service at a different location? Are there alternatives that have similar outcomes at significantly lower costs? Can I purchase a generic drug that is just as effective? We have choices that we may not be aware of. And research shows that when people don’t know the cost, it can often lead to not receiving recommended care or filling prescriptions. That’s not the outcome anyone wants.

This is why I am excited about the launch of our provider-facing cost tool, Provider View, this week. By putting this critical information into the hands of providers and their staff, we now have a much greater chance of empowering people to make smarter decisions. Feel free to contact us to learn more.