Health Plan’s Mobile Team Commits to Delivering Delightful Mobile Apps

Can mobile apps boost cost and quality outcomes for consumers navigating the health care system? I think so and I’m not alone. More than 259,000 mobile health (mHealth) apps are now available to consumers, nearly double the number from just two years ago. [1]

At Regence, the largest health insurance company in the Pacific Northwest, the mobile team is committed to delivering apps that help consumers understand insurance benefits, care options and their financial implications. What began as a minimum viable product, consisting largely of mobile optimized web views for iOS, has blossomed into a mobile platform supporting robust native experiences on both iOS and Android. The core use cases have been addressed and we’re ready to break new ground, pushing the apps beyond their humble beginnings as wrappers for the website.

Along with greenfield opportunities come new challenges to scope, budgets and timelines. Anyone can have a great idea, but there’s an art and science to execution that leads to consumer satisfaction on time and under budget. Identifying the right features and enhancements to delight users takes a careful synthesis of behavioral analytics, concept and usability testing with end users, as well as consumer and industry data.

The recent white paper, How to Build a More Powerful Mobile Experience, includes new research commissioned by HealthSparq that offers valuable insights into consumer behavior and expectations. The findings help support our focus on channel differentiation, simplifying common tasks and offering overall convenience. The research also provides guidance on top user needs and use cases, potential barriers to adoption, and best practices for adopting mobile hardware and software capabilities.

The white paper also includes a quick case study on how we developed our mobile app strategy at Regence. Check out page 11 once you download the paper!


[1] mHealth App Developer Economics 2016. October 2016. Research 2 Guidance.