Improving Data Accuracy Through Payer-Provider Collaboration: Insights from a CHRISTUS Health VP

During the 2023 AHIP CX conference held last month, Matt Parker, Kyruus’ VP of Product Innovation, engaged in a thoughtful discussion with Ron Hirasaki, CHRISTUS Health’s VP of Product Management and Marketing Sales, to shed light on the pivotal role of accurate data in enhancing member engagement and experience.

In 2022, CHRISTUS Health began working with Kyruus to establish a comprehensive, system-wide directory encompassing over 20,000 physicians and advanced practitioners. Witnessing the positive outcomes, CHRISTUS Health Plan joined the partnership in 2023 to leverage HealthSparq’s Validated Provider Profiles and member directory for the health plan side of the business.

The connection between CHRISTUS Health and CHRISTUS Health Plan, powered by Kyruus and HealthSparq, led to significant improvements in consumer experience. Matt and Ron delved into the challenge CHRISTUS Health Plan was facing and the steps the organization took to increase collaboration between the two sides of the business.

Addressing the Challenge of Inaccurate Data

A new study of 1,000 consumers across the nation found that despite the reliance of nearly 60 percent of consumers on their health plan’s digital platforms, one in four has found inaccurate information.*

CHRISTUS recognized this trend in their own consumer base and knew the disconnect between consumer trust and data quality posed a significant challenge. Addressing the issue was crucial for CHRISTUS to ensure member satisfaction and foster consumer loyalty.

Accurate Data through Provider Collaboration

A fundamental aspect of tackling inaccurate data involves establishing close collaboration with healthcare providers and garnering their support. When inquired about CHRISTUS’ approach, Ron emphasized the necessity of prioritizing the provider experience in much the same way as the member experience.

“Providers are deeply invested in systems that focus on getting a handle on data accuracy. However, these initiatives have historically been hard for providers because the process and consistent management required time that competed with patient care.”

CHRISTUS successfully navigated this challenge by proactively engaging providers. They shared a list of data elements to providers, through an automated process powered by HealthSparq, and simply requested confirmation of the information. This process created a seamless data validation experience, involving providers effortlessly and nurturing a partnership that they appreciated.

Enhanced Member Satisfaction and ROI

By implementing HealthSparq’s Validated Provider Profiles and member directory, CHRISTUS Health Plan transitioned from a manual to an automated approach, significantly enhancing efficiency and scalability.

The shift to a single source of truth also resulted in consistent, accurate information across all channels, translating into heightened member satisfaction and a substantial return on investment.

For more on creating meaningful member experiences, join us for our upcoming webinar on November 29, 2023: Unlocking Meaningful Member Experiences: Insights from 1,000 Consumers on the Care Access Experience.

*Source:  2023 Care Access Benchmark Report