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SPM2018 Recap: Taking Action to Drive Change

A couple of weeks ago, HealthSparq sponsored and participated in the Society for Participatory Medicine’s 2nd Annual Conference: Democratizing Healthcare (#SPM2018). After all the work I’ve done with What’s the Fix? over the past few years, this conference is very close to my heart. There are amazing individuals and organizations ...
by Anna Greene  |  November 7, 2018

New Research: As Election Day Nears, Americans Say Healthcare System is Unacceptable

Heading into next week’s election, one of the top issues voters report being most concerned about is health care. In an overall effort to continue better understanding our users and their needs, we, in conjunction with our partner Hanover Research, recently surveyed almost 1,000 health care consumers from across the ...
by Heather Burton  |  November 1, 2018

Datomic in a nutshell

In this blog post, I will be taking you though my journey of using Datomic database. The reasons why we ...
by Aparajita Chaudhuri  |  October 30, 2018

Opportunity Lost: The Cycle of Open Enrollment

We recently asked more than 1,000 health care consumers about how they interact with open enrollment – and what their plans are this year – so that health plans can improve their member engagement and education efforts.
by Daryl Galant  |  October 25, 2018

Top 3 Takeaways from Latest Consumer Survey on Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is a pretty major annual event in the health care world, so we decided to learn more about consumer opinion on the subject. We surveyed more than 1,000 people across the U.S. with national firm, Hanover Research, to better understand how open enrollment impacts health care consumers.
by Anna Greene  |  October 23, 2018

What People Need to Know About Surprise Medical Bills (And How to Prevent Them)

Surprise medical bills are an upsetting yet all too familiar reality for many Americans. As surprise bills continue to dominate the headlines, HealthSparq set out to find just how common this issue really is. We partnered with Hanover Research, an independent research and analytics firm, to survey more than 1,000 ...
by Jill Dornan  |  October 11, 2018

How Surprise Medical Bills Are Impacting Health Plans

It should come as no surprise to any health plan that surprise medical bills are a serious issue in the United States. Along with our partner, Hanover Research, we recently commissioned a study that contributes to the increasing body of evidence demonstrating just how widespread the issue really is.
by Anna Greene  |  October 9, 2018

Meet Our Team: Brent, Jami, Megan and Timothy

Get to know a few of the folks who help make HealthSparq a great place to work and who are ...
by Anna Greene  |  October 3, 2018

Consumers Speak: SDOH, Instability in Health Insurance and Humanizing Providers

Improving people’s health requires looking at more than just their medical history, how they eat and the exercise they get. Where people live, their income levels, education, race, environmental factors, access to health services and employment status are all factors in health and effectiveness of care. In fact, nearly 90 ...
by Heather Burton  |  September 20, 2018