Podcast: The Rise of Patient Advocates

Last week, HealthSparq’s Burt Rosen and What’s the Fix? speaker Susannah Meadows joined Cambia’s HealthChangers podcast to share their stories of patient advocacy. It was a great discussion and we’ve included all the details and podcast below. Have a listen and we look forward to hearing what you think using #WTFix on Twitter or Facebook!

Episode Summary:
Health care is undergoing a tremendous amount of change and people are becoming more involved in their care than ever before. Armed with the internet and social media, people are working with their doctors to find novel solutions to daunting health care challenges. These people are often pushing the boundaries of modern Western medicine and finding effective treatments. Like the mother focusing on diet to help arthritic 3-year-old, or the family coping with chronic Lyme disease.

Episode Description:
Welcome to the HealthChangers podcast, presented by Cambia Health Solutions, where we share real stories of health care transformation from those experiencing it and those helping to make health care more personalized.

On this episode, we’re joined by Burt Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer for HealthSparq, a Cambia company that helps peoples make smarter health care choices with industry-first transparency tools. Our other guest, Susannah Meadows, is a journalist and author who has written for Newsweek and The New York Times. Susannah recently published a book, The Other Side of Impossible, about ordinary people who faced daunting medical challenges, but didn’t give up.

Susannah and Burt have something in common—they are both patient advocates. They both have worked with, and at times beyond, the health care system to advocate for critical treatments for themselves and loved ones. In this episode, we talk with Burt and Susannah about this growing movement of patient advocates, why it’s happening now, and what it’s like to be an advocate.

To build awareness about patient advocacy and patient experience, Burt has created a conference called What’s the Fix?, happening June 14, 2017. Susannah will be a keynote speaker. You can attend this free conference in Seattle at the Cambia Grove, or via livestream. REGISTER HERE

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About HealthChangers Podcast:
On the HealthChangers podcast, presented by Cambia Health Solutions, we share real stories of health care transformation, from those who are experiencing it and those helping to make health care more personalized. We aim to step back and see real people’s stories at a personal level. We dive deep into specific health care topics, from the problems that health innovators are solving, to personal consumer stories and new technologies, and everything in between.