The Return of Vas-Madness

Wait, why are we discussing vasectomies? This fun tangent is in focus because, obviously, March Madness is upon us! It’s that time of year when basketball takes over and many are planning their lineup of excuses to watch as much college basketball as possible – some men even going as far as scheduling their vasectomies to coincide with March Madness in a trend dubbed “Vas-Madness.”

We began exploring this trend last year and once again, with Vas-Madness in mind, we decided to take a look into our data to see if there are indeed still more people obtaining vasectomy cost estimates leading into March Madness than at other times of the year. Well, it seems the trend continues. During the first quarter of this year, the volume of cost estimates obtained for vasectomies has increased from both the prior quarter and for Q1 year over year.

As we’ve once again confirmed the theory (in our tools at least) that Vas-Madness remains a trend, we thought it would be interesting to see what else we could uncover in the data. So, here we go:

  1. Men searched for vasectomy cost estimates four times more than women
  2. Vasectomy searches cluster among men ages 25-44
  3. The Midwest is the most curious about shopping for a vasectomy
  4. People just can’t seem to grasp the spelling of the procedure

Men Search for Man Things:

Throughout our tools, we’re seeing that family planning is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds – at least in relation to searching for health care costs. In line with the family planning trend, there has been an increase in the volume of cost estimates obtained for vasectomies. And it’s men that are doing the searching for vasectomy cost estimates – at a rate 4x that of women.

As family planning is a life chapter that can, in general, be planned and shopped for, we weren’t surprised that those searching for vasectomies cluster in the prime fertility years for women. Vasectomy cost estimates were sought primarily by those ages 35-44, followed closely behind by 25- to 34-year-olds.

Meanwhile, in the Midwest…

In one particularly interesting twist, we found that the Midwest is disproportionately interested in vasectomies (and apparently getting a good deal on one). In 9 of the last 12 months, the Midwest had the greatest percentage of users searching for vasectomies in our cost estimator tool. We can’t say why, but the Midwest sure seems to be shopping for a vasectomy!

100+ ways to spell vasectomy

While many, particularly the males among us, may shy away from the word vasectomy, we here at HealthSparq can’t help but celebrate the vasectomy for the amazing misspellings it yields. In 2015, there were more than 166 unique misspellings of the word, and here are a few of our favorites:

  1. vasectomeh – well why don’t you tell us how you really feel about the procedure?
  2. vasectory – a vasectomy victory!
  3. vaasectomy – how the Nordics might spell it.
  4. vasectamomy – for those who like more syllables in their words.
  5. vasectommy – the goal is to prevent another mommy from being made at least.
  6. vasectomost – better than vasecto-least? Or is it…?
  7. vice ectomy – removal of all of one’s vices? Hmmm…we’ll leave it at that.

Contributed by:
HealthSparq staff, with thanks to our data analytics team:

  • Stephanie Albright is a Digital Consumer Analyst at HealthSparq. She has 5 years of experience in audience and consumer analytics and is a fervent advocate for leveraging data to make products better and more impactful for consumers.
  • Tyler Cox is the Senior Manager of Consumer Analytics and Insights for HealthSparq. He and his team are responsible for leveraging quantitative and qualitative data to discover key consumer insights that improve HealthSparq’s online consumer health-care transparency solutions.