Sneak Peak: Initial Takeaways from Our Annual Customer Summit

Once a year, HealthSparq brings together a group of our clients to discuss where we are as a business and where we’ll be heading in the year ahead. We didn’t stop there; this week we took over New Orleans to not only discuss our business at the annual HealthSparq Customer Summit, but also the future of the health care industry and consumer engagement more broadly.

Over the past two days, we welcomed renowned speaker Dr. Danny Sands to discuss consumer health care needs alongside the industry’s needs; featured health insurance executives in a panel about what they’re working on to service customers and engage them; facilitated interactive discussions with health care consumers on health care pain points; and finally brought in an outside perspective in the form of Jennifer Blackmon, Corporate Director of Culture Transformation at the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center on how to delight customers through customer service. All of these aspects came together to be essential parts of the conference.

Stay tuned for more updates and lessons learned at the HealthSparq Customer Summit next week and in the meantime, here’s a few of my favorite quotes from this year’s summit:

  • “There’s a shifting paradigm in health care. Physicians need to be partners, not oracles. Healers, not burdens.” – Dr. Danny Sands
  • “Don’t overcomplicate customer service” – Jennifer Blackmon, Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center
  • “If someone else is paying the bill, you’ll order the most expensive thing possible, right? That’s how we got to where we are in health care today.” – Dr. Danny Sands
  • “Don’t forget, we are human beings, not a toy or line item. When we get back to the humanity of it, we’ll be a lot better.” – Consumer Panelist
  • “I want to know my choices up front, I could be paying for the worst care and would have no idea.” – Consumer Panelist

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