Start Innovating and Integrating with HealthSparq One APIs

For health plans that want to optimize their end-to-end member experience and push the envelope with innovation, the HealthSparq API suite offers the flexibility to take the best-of-breed transparency tools and use them to suit their members and business needs.

Our externally facing APIs allow our clients to extend the functionality and data provided by the HealthSparq One platform to other areas of their business. APIs such as Provider Search, Treatment Cost and HSA Balance allow health plans to include these features in many areas including mobile applications and health plan portals. In addition to increasing the access to the core functions, plans can combine the HealthSparq functionality with their own data and applications to create new and innovative ways of delivering health-related information to people.

Let me provide a few examples:

Example 1: Mobile App Integration
One of our clients has a mobile application where members can access their benefit information, ID cards, HSA balances and other opportunities to manage their health. By utilizing our Provider Search API, the plan allows member to search for providers based on distance, specialty and other factors that are important to the individual with its mobile app – allowing the plan to own its mobile experience and giving end users a seamless way to manage their health on the go.

Example 2: Health Plan Portal Customization
As Health Savings Accounts (HSA) become more prevalent, members want quick access to their balances. One of our clients is using the HSA Balance API to allow its members to view their balances front and center when they log into the plan’s web portal.

For plans that know what features and information are most important to their members, our APIs can bring these details directly to them – improving their experience and satisfaction with their plans.

Example 3: Innovation at Your Own Pace
I was recently surprised to learn that some providers are using the HealthSparq site to search for durable medical goods on behalf of their patients. With this knowledge, we began to investigate the use of Search APIs being called by back office applications where staff was already in the flow of helping a patient find goods and other services.

This is just one of many ways APIs can be leveraged by our health plan clients and I’m certain there are many more discoveries to come. I look forward to working with more of our clients to help them leverage our services in creative ways to best help them realize their customer relationship and financial goals.

Your API Options
Our available APIs are growing at a steady pace, however, they generally fall into the following categories. For more information or access to the documentation, please contact your account manager.


  • Our Provider search APIs use the same search logic as our HealthSparq One core search
  • Searches can be performed by networks/plans specialties, provider name and other criteria
  • Provider details (name, gender, languages, credentials, etc.)


  • Submit a review
  • Get review summary by provider
  • Get review details by provider


  • Search for people and places that have provided a service or encounter
  • Get the list of services that a provider has performed and average cost for those services
  • Get the average price of an encounter or service per provider and out of pocket cost for the member


  • Access to all HealthSparq Treatments
  • Total cost and OOP cost for treatments
  • Treatment timelines and breakdown of total cost and OOP cost for a member by place of service  (inpatient, outpatient)
  • Treatment breakdown of services by stage (evaluation, surgery and follow up) and average total cost of those services
  • Cost savings opportunities with those services and % of consumers getting that service
  • Condition content and the relationship between conditions and treatment of that condition


  • HSA balances

As always, contact us for more information!