Srihari Muthyala

Joined HealthSparq:
From Day 1! I was one of the founding 13 and was in Cambia for 10 years before that.

Based in:
Portland, OR

Hydrabad, India

How would you describe what you do at HealthSparq?
I work closely with our product and implementation teams to prioritize the business needs for our clients. I give technical details and support to help people make decisions. One of the causes we really care about here are the people, so I want to provide good support to my team and grow the team’s strengths. As a people manager, I focus on how I can support my team so they can deliver what we ask of them, and so they can develop as professionals to excel.

What’s your favorite part about working here?
I really enjoy our leadership team here. It inspires me, and our really talented team of engineers motivate me. I trust them and their vision for the company.

What’s one interesting fact about you?
I love watching movies, but my wife doesn’t. So, I’ll pretend I’m sleeping so that I can sneak out to watch movies when my wife and baby are asleep.

If you could make one prediction for the future of health care, what would it be?
I think what’s going to happen is that gadgets in the future and the data they collect will really help for preventive care. Gadgets and data will help people take care of themselves much faster by knowing things earlier. Health care will get more personal and technology will help us get there.