What Could Washingtonians be Saving on Healthcare?

More and more people are learning that they can shop for healthcare. For approximately 1.1 million people in Washington state with access to our tools, we wanted to understand what healthcare shopping could mean to them. So, we looked across their healthcare shopping trends to see how much they spent and could have saved by using our tools.We discovered that of the $1.9 billion spent on healthcare by HealthSparq users in Washington, 28% of it is what we call shoppable. Shoppable means any situation where a person can go into our tools and find a lower cost alternative at the same quality of care. For example, if you were to need an MRI, you could use our tools to locate the lowest-cost provider with a high rating near you, instead of going directly to an imaging center without knowing at all what it would cost out-of-pocket.

Here is what we found Washingtonians could potentially be saving on their healthcare, just by using our tools to shop: