Winning the Trust and Loyalty of Today’s Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare enrollment is on the rise, particularly within Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, leading to rising expectations and a pressing demand for payers to establish trust and loyalty among members.

Today’s new wave of Medicare beneficiaries have higher expectations than past generations and desire more autonomy and control over their healthcare journey. They are also equipped with greater digital skills, which has become a driving force in the experiences they expect. 

A recent study from J.D. Power revealed that MA enrollees who embrace digital offerings report higher satisfaction scores. We took a closer look at this trend in our own annual care access benchmark report and conducted an analysis to pinpoint exactly what Medicare beneficiaries are looking for and expecting when they engage with their health plans. 

A few of those findings are presented below, along with tips on how to proactively stay ahead of the curve and provide member experiences that truly make a difference. 


SEARCH: Transparency Tools Make An Impact

Many Medicare beneficiaries need help finding the right care for their needs, yet their health plans often neglect to effectively communicate the availability of digital tools that are designed to offer the guidance they’re seeking.

Those who are aware of digital tools are finding them to be highly valuable. In fact, 85 percent find transparency tools helpful for understanding healthcare coverage and benefits, and 75% say that digital tools enable them to better manage their healthcare spending.

TIP: Provide online search experiences that guide beneficiaries to timely and effective care. Ensure your members are well-informed of your digital offerings through consistent, targeted messaging across multiple channels.

SELECT: Members Value Detailed Provider Profiles

SelectOnce beneficiaries begin their search for care, they often struggle to choose the right provider due to inaccurate or missing information.

The availability of detailed and accurate profiles helps them choose providers that align with their personal preferences.

What are those top preferences? When selecting a new provider or service, 97% of beneficiaries prioritize clinical expertise, 86% value the quality of online ratings and reviews, and 70% consider the convenience of online scheduling as a significant factor.

ACCESS: Members Want More From Digital Tools

After searching and selecting care, beneficiaries want an easy way to schedule and access care. More than half of those surveyed indicated that they would schedule appointments directly from their health plan’s website if they could.

As previously noted, today’s Medicare enrollees are more digitally savvy and prefer to do many tasks online. The majority of those surveyed (85%) expressed the desire to complete pre-visit questionnaires online, while 81% would like to provide insurance information and confirm coverage online, and 68% would like to make payments online.

TIP: Provide digital experiences that meet member expectations throughout the member experience, from search to access. Integrate online scheduling capabilities and digital check-in options to streamline the process for your members.


In this rapidly evolving landscape, it is critical for payers to not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s Medicare beneficiaries. By embracing and investing in digital innovations, payers can provide high-quality, member-centric experiences that foster trust and loyalty among their members. As the Medicare landscape continues to grow and evolve, the forward-thinking payers who adapt to these changes will stand out as true champions. 

Download the infographic for a visual overview of the findings mentioned throughout this blog post.

For broader insights and trends, download the 2023 Care Access Benchmark Report.