Guide Your Medicaid Beneficiaries to the Care They Need

Medicaid members need access to health care insights, especially as they look for quality, available providers that meet their unique needs. HealthSparq One, our mobile-friendly guidance and transparency platform, makes it possible for your members to find the best possible care for themselves and their families wherever and whenever they need it.

Improve member engagement and lower costs using proven transparency and guidance solutions.

Meet HealthSparq One

HealthSparq One is an all-in-one suite of health care transparency solutions for Medicaid plans that offers provider search, reviews, out-of-pocket costs and much more in an easy-to-navigate online experience. By delivering a better user experience to your Medicaid beneficiaries, you can ensure that they make smarter health care choices.

Platform Capabilities Designed for Medicaid Plans

Why HealthSparq?

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