What’s The Fix? New Conference Aims to Kick the Hell out of Healthcare

If you’ve ever said “WTF” after a healthcare interaction, this event is for you

PORTLAND, Ore. — March 21, 2017 — This June, healthcare industry disrupters and everyday people will join together to kick the hell out of healthcare at the first-ever What’s The Fix? Conference. This one-of-a-kind conference is laser focused on changing the tough, cold and inefficient healthcare system we are stuck in today by featuring everyday people with big stories about how they turned their “WTF” healthcare moments into inspiration, action and solutions.

Free and accessible to all via livestream, What’s the Fix? will force the “what’s wrong in healthcare” conversation forward with inspiring, real-life stories from people making change despite the system, not because of it.

WHEN: June 14, 2017
WHERE: Broadcasted live across the nation through Brandlive at The Cambia Grove, with no entrance fee for any attendee
WHY: When you talk to health plans, doctors and especially patients, there’s no lack of stress and frustration with our healthcare industry. This conference provides an opportunity learn how people have control of their healthcare experience, and inspire people and inspire real change by showing those with the power how people outside the system are creating lasting change.
WHO SPEAKS: The speakers at What’s The Fix? are not CEOs, VPs or scholars; they’re everyday people who have turned often horrible health situations into something big and impactful, with the power to change the healthcare industry and make it better for all people.

This year’s speaker lineup includes:

  • Morgan Gleason: a college student, who at age 15 started using social media to shine a light on how extended hospital stays can hurt a patient’s ability to heal. She now uses her experiences to teach other patients to feel empowered and speak up for themselves and others.
  • Dana Lewis: a type 1 diabetic, who not only built her own artificial pancreas, but built it open source (known as “OpenAPS”), so that anyone can build one.
  • Beth Lambert: the founder and executive director of Epidemic Answers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting our youth and helping parents find healing solutions.
  • Tami Rich: a mother who dove head-first into the healthcare industry after experiencing the worst that the healthcare system has to offer while treating her son’s congenital heart defect. Tami is now fighting back by consulting healthcare organizations on quality and family engagement standards.

More speakers to be announced at a later date.

WHO ATTENDS: This conference is for everyone who is interested in fixing healthcare — from people who are fed up with the healthcare system who don’t think they have the power to change things, to people who are embedded deep in the industry and can make concrete changes. Anyone from patients and caregivers, to doctors, hospitals, and health plan employees are encouraged to attend and make their own commitments to fix the system.
HOW TO ENGAGE: Use the conference hashtag #WTFix to engage during the event. Before the event, share your stories using the #WhatTheHealthCare hashtag, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or join the community on Facebook.
REGISTER: Register to participate in the Brandlive livestream at: whatsthefix.info

Earlier this year, HealthSparq issued a call to action and a promise: give us your frustrating, annoying, scary and crazy healthcare moments via the #WhatTheHealthCare hashtag, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the rest of the healthcare world hears you. This conference is the next step in the #WhatTheHealthCare efforts – we’ve seen and heard the stories, we are now going to use them to make change.

“Healthcare isn’t fun to navigate. It feels ineffective and inefficient for anyone and everyone involved. It’s not focused on the people that truly need it – but that’s not news to anyone,” said Chief Marketing Officer Burt Rosen. “With What’s the Fix? we’re elevating the stories of those who have taken it upon themselves to help fix the mess. These people are heroes, and we know that by connecting them with those who have the power to truly change healthcare, there is an opportunity to make a real difference.”

“When our son Jameson was diagnosed at four days old with complex congenital cardiac defects, in a heartbeat, our world turned upside-down” says conference speaker, family advocate, medical mom and ePatient Tami Rich. “Armed with excellent advice from his cardiologist, we set out to raise him with health competence and confidence: Teach him to become his own best advocate, so that one day, he could care for himself to the best of his abilities. I look forward to connecting with other like-minded change agents at What’s The Fix?. I’m most excited to see what happens when we join forces, align our values-driven missions and focus together on fixing what’s broken in healthcare.”

Follow along and share your perspectives on What’s the Fix? with the hashtag #WTFix.

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