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CMS Needs to Make MRF Compliance Simpler

Our team met with CMS to discuss MRF data elements that pose significant challenges to health plans as they work toward compliance with Transparency in Coverage mandates.
by Keith Lomurray  |  October 7, 2021

Get Ahead of the Curve: How to Stand Out for Members After Transparency in Coverage

To take the Transparency in Coverage mandate to the next level and create a competitive advantage, we suggest three strategies to expand on the self-service tool requirements.
by Kerstin Lucas  |  September 1, 2021

CMS Makes Updates to Transparency Mandates: First Look at What Health Plans Need to Know

The new federal guidance on healthcare price transparency mandates answers some important questions for health insurers and employer groups, and puts some compliance elements on pause.
by Matt Parker  |  August 23, 2021

Hospital price transparency is clear as mud

While it is great to see attention being paid to price transparency, let’s not get distracted by movie stars talking about rack rate pricing on hospital websites. That information doesn’t really tell people what they’re actually going to pay, so it’s at best confusing and at worst misleading and/or discouraging ...
by Matt Parker  |  August 9, 2021

Keynote Panel: Price Transparency Is an Important Part of the Member Experience Puzzle

While price transparency was the headline of this recent keynote, the panelists focused on the larger picture of what members need today and how providing them with critical information about costs is an avenue to improve the healthcare experience. Below are three key themes that stood out from the panel.
by Anna Greene  |  June 28, 2021

Diving into the Details: What You Need to Know About the Machine-Readable Files Mandate

Take a look at the requirements and important considerations for health plans when it comes to the machine-readable files mandate.
by Keith Lomurray  |  May 20, 2021

Price Transparency Patient Panel: What Health Plan Members Really Want

The goal with these events is to help health plan leaders understand the needs of their members on a more personal level. They can then take these perspectives into account as they work to address price transparency mandates and build member experiences that empower people to take more control of ...
by Anna Greene  |  March 24, 2021

A Weird 2020: Unique Searches in a Very Unique Year

Every year, millions of people search for providers, health care costs, rewardable services and more using our platform. Looking specifically ...
by Kerstin Lucas  |  February 11, 2021

Watch the Replay: Making Care Costs Clear – Price Transparency Mandate

While our industry has been providing price transparency for years, the Transparency in Coverage rule mandates a new experience for ...
by Matt Parker  |  February 3, 2021