AHIP Webinar: COVID-19, Trust and Transparency Tool Use in 2020

2020 will be a defining year that most of us will recall for the rest of our lives. The difficulties we had expected to face—like an uncertain future for insurance exchanges, new government mandates and a presidential election—have turned out to be nothing compared to what we are actually dealing with as COVID-19 affects our communities. In this webinar, we explore recent consumer research into how consumers feel about health insurance providers and their handling of COVID-19 and topics like price transparency, communication preferences, and trust.

We were joined by consumer experience expert Megan Burns, who will dive further into best practices around trust in the midst of a pandemic. She shares specific strategies health plan’s can use to strengthen relationships with members, the kind of strategies that will be critical for health care organizations who want to do more than survive—but also thrive—in the current difficult climate and on into our new reality.

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Specific strategies for health insurance providers to build trust, engage members and help them make smart health care choices in this new world of virtual care, delayed care and increased cost-consciousness
  • What consumers think of transparency tools and how often they report using them
  • How to better engage with members and understand the communications channels they prefer
  • The key role trust and empathy will play in re-engaging members who have delayed care or had to switch plans due to changes in their employment status