2020 Annual Consumer Sentiment Benchmark Study

2020 will be a defining year that most of us will recall for the rest of our lives. The difficulties we had expected to face—like an uncertain future for insurance exchanges, new government mandates and a presidential election—have turned out to be nothing compared to what we are actually dealing with as COVID-19 affects our communities. In this white paper, we share findings from our recent consumer research into how consumers feel about health insurance providers and their handling of COVID-19 and topics like price transparency, communication preferences and trust.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted members, including how and when they are seeking care
  • Digital tool preferences following COVID-19, pointing to how health plans can best serve and highlight care options for members
  • How important it is for health plan members to understand their specific health care costs
  • Which types of communication and personalization preferences members prefer
  • Who health plan members trust in 2020 when it comes to health care
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