Executive Insights: The Critical Role of Payer-Provider Collaboration on the Consumer Experience

The research is clear: Health plans know they can’t deliver on their top priorities without help. Provider collaboration is already happening behind the scenes on prior authorizations and new models of care. But there’s an immense untapped opportunity to take it further to positively impact member experiences and support health plan growth. 

Payer-provider collaboration is critical to improving health outcomes, cost of care, and the overall patient experience. New legislation is arming members with access to information on cost, which means they have more tools at their disposal to be proactive in selecting care. This has also created an opportunity for plans to ensure that doing so is a good experience. 

It’s time to take bold steps to make that collaboration a reality. Dig into this new research report, sharing the perspectives of 200 health plan executives, to better understand the key areas for collaboration to help members find, estimate, and access care.