Bring a Human Connection to Your Member’s Digital Experience

Most members want to make the right care decisions, but healthcare can be complex and confusing. In those cases, a little help, from a real person, can make all the difference. Now you can make human-powered chat available on all of your digital properties, including portals and apps, to help your members access and navigate care with one-on-one support. HealthSparq Guide provides immediate, personalized assistance for care navigation and redirection from highly-trained nurses and care guides who understand how to help members through the process.  

With HealthSparq’s chat solution for health plans, members receive high-touch support, from triaging their symptoms and finding appropriate care options, to accessing personalized cost estimates, locating in-network providers and scheduling appointments. They can even receive post-care follow-up from these experts. Members can access their personal guide when and where they need it—whether chatting from your website, from within HealthSparq One® or from your mobile app. In return, you get valuable clinical and front-line support that lowers costs, increases member satisfaction, and drives better health outcomes.

HealthSparq Guide

 Why HealthSparq?

health care cost savings

Drive down costs

Reduce call center costs with online, chat-based assistance and save on unnecessary care like ER visits by guiding members to high-value, in-network alternative care options—such as in-office visits, urgent care, or telehealth.

health plan member satisfaction

Increase satisfaction

Your members expect ease of access and immediate assistance across all types of interactions. Deliver the personalized, real-time assistance they need to help them find answers and get care while actively engaging them throughout their healthcare journey.

Close care gaps improve care

Improve outcomes

Close gaps in care via care navigation and treatment follow-up. Guide members to appropriate care options that can best meet their needs and even assist them in accessing medications and post-treatment follow-up to ensure adherence.

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