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Health insurance is more competitive than ever, so now is the right time to meet your members where they are with the health care cost information, venue guidance and decision support they need. Using HealthSparq APIs, you can create new digital experiences to drive member engagement, reduce health care spend and boost efficiency—all using your brand, UX and workflows.

With our APIs your health plan can use HealthSparq data outside of the traditional HealthSparq user interface and application. That destination could be a native mobile app. It could be your internal systems, such as a customer service console used by case managers. It could even be integrated directly into a member or provider portal.

HealthSparq API Data

Create the member experiences of tomorrow

Your team is trying to differentiate through member experience—especially through digital innovation. Drive member engagement and boost satisfaction while reducing health care and administrative costs by adding HealthSparq APIs to your portal or mobile apps. Use HealthSparq APIs to:

Support other stakeholders and touchpoints

Your member-facing digital experiences are just part of the member journey. Other stakeholders can help members make more informed choices. Give customer service teams, coordinated care teams, brokers and providers the ability to guide your members to quality, cost-effective care by integrating APIs into portals and backend systems.

Get to market quickly

HealthSparq offers your developers the resources they need to create new applications and ensure security. Our RESTful APIs reduce overhead and the use of JSON objects make it easy to create human-readable queries. You’ll also have the monitoring and custom reporting to keep things running smoothly.

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