HealthSparq APIs

Power Transparency and Guidance Across Multiple Member Touchpoints

With HealthSparq APIs, you can bring provider, cost estimate, rewards program, and other data to your members, providers and support teams wherever they are. Leveraging this data lets you innovate and deliver better member experiences, improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

 Why HealthSparq?

health plan member touchpoints

Share the same data across multiple member touch points

Your organization has many different member touchpoints. HealthSparq APIs bring member-specific health data to both new and existing applications and workflows with a single source of truth. Our approach to APIs lets you power native mobile apps, portals, internal stakeholder systems and workflows, provider-facing tools, and printable directories all from the same dataset.

health plan member experiences

Deliver innovative digital experiences to stand out in the market

Improve member satisfaction by creating efficient, convenient and personalized member experiences. HealthSparq APIs can power tailored native mobile apps for specific populations, member experience platforms, and even voice-activated healthcare information access.

HealthSparq APIs in Action

Today, health plan members are talking to their health plans more than ever, searching for information about their symptoms, looking for providers and inquiring about expected costs for care. One health plan is already reaching their members in new ways using HealthSparq APIs through cloud-based voice services. Now, all their health plan members need to do is ask a question to get answers to their healthcare questions such as, “help me find a dermatologist,” “what is ACL repair,” and “how much will it cost for an X-ray of my knee?” With HealthSparq APIs, you can power the next wave of communication with your members, ensuring they can get the care they need, when and how they need it.

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