Interoperability Services

Streamline Interoperability Compliance for Provider Directory and Patient Access to Claims

Healthcare interoperability is a big opportunity to reduce care costs while improving efficiency, patient safety and care coordination. Your members gain the ability to control their data, while you gain all the operational and clinical benefits of interoperability. Now you can do all this, while ensuring compliance with CMS interoperability rules, without the heavy lifting and IT investment using HealthSparq Interoperability APIs.

HealthSparq delivers the FHIR®-compliant APIs, the required authentication and consent management framework, and all the additional services needed to ensure your interoperability compliance. These Interoperability Services include:

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Why HealthSparq?

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Streamline compliance

Turn your existing provider search data into a FHIR-compliant API. Avoid migrating clinical, claims, and medication data from disparate point systems by layering on a unified gateway to your FHIR resources, wherever they live.

Reduce Resource Demands

Reduce resource demands

With our member-facing guidance and transparency platform, HealthSparq One, proprietary APIs, print-ready directory capabilities, and now Interoperability Services, HealthSparq can maximize your data to address multiple compliance and member support needs.

Trust and security

Ensure security

HealthSparq can maintain your claims and encounter data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant data store, and provide access via an OAuth 2.0 authorization flow. HealthSparq proxying service provides wrap-around support for other APIs handled by your plan, including consumer app registration, identity management, OAuth flow, audit, and analytics.

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