Take the confusion out of health care

People research price, quality and reviews for products and services they buy every day–except for health care. But with HealthSparq One, you can empower your members and lower costs by offering them greater insight into their health care options using our suite of health care transparency solutions. Help your members easily research quality, convenient providers and determine their out-of-pocket costs right from your branded portal. Even turn your provider data into print-ready, compliant directories, accessible for download directly from your HealthSparq One site.

Help Your Members Navigate Health Care

Make finding and understanding options easy

Using real-world claims and health care data, HealthSparq One makes it easy for members to find services, understand costs and quality, and access care. Deliver a personalized experience based on their unique benefits, deductible level and out-of-pocket costs. Help members understand not just the costs of hundreds of treatments, but the time involved for related services and recovery from beginning to end. And, showcase quality ratings and provider reviews, so members are more confident in their choices.

Engage and guide members to better choices

Guide members to cost-saving providers and procedures. Notify members about relevant options based on their online behavior—such as alerting them to telehealth services when they search for urgent care late at night. HealthSparq One data and analytics can also help you understand members’ online behaviors and gain insights for your strategic planning and service improvement. Even extend the power HealthSparq One with incentives for members to select better treatment options, offer prescription cost and quality insights, or help schedule their next appointment.

Collaborate with partners to help members

You’ve invested a lot in finding the right provider partners. Promote your top providers when members are searching for care options. Enhance your members’ experiences by allowing providers to manage their own profiles. Allow your providers to help members find related services and understand costs, and you’ll all succeed.

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