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Guide Members to Safe, Effective Medications

Price transparency isn’t just about bringing clarity to medical service costs. Prescription drug price transparency is just as important to members as they plan their spending, manage multiple medications and talk to their doctor about treatment options. With HealthSparq Rx Compare you can offer members a valuable tool that helps them manage rising medication spend while supporting better health outcomes.

HealthSparq Rx Compare extends the power of the HealthSparq One® platform and complements your PBM with consumer-friendly medication information. Based on their unique plan benefits, your members will have access to more than just price transparency, they’ll see easy-to-understand, report-card-style grades of drug effectiveness, safety and side effect educational material to better understand medication value and risk. Connect with your members and save millions in prescription drug spending.

Rx Compare

 Why HealthSparq?

Manage Prescription Drug Cost

Manage prescription medication costs

When you share personalized cost estimates for treatments, members can make smarter medication choices for their health and budget. By displaying clinical alternatives and going beyond brand vs. generic, you can help members find the best options.

Health plan member engagement

Engage members to find better options

Make it easy for members to understand their treatment options, and even optimize ongoing medication needs. Our engagement solutions provide personalized support to help members with shoppable prescription options.

Cost and quality in health care

Provide recognized quality

Our partnership with MedSavvy means members receive evidence-based, clinically-sound drug information along with personalized support. MedSavvy’s drug quality methodology is recognized by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), a leading research organization that studies medication effectiveness and value.

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