Path to Care

Turn Finding Care to Getting Care with Robust Provider Profiles & Scheduling

When selecting a trusted healthcare provider, people need more than just name, location and specialty. HealthSparq Path to Care delivers accurate, rich provider profiles to make it easy for health plan members to find their provider match. It isn’t just about finding the right provider. Connect your members to their preferred provider with appointment scheduling, or streamlined virtual care access.

 Why HealthSparq?

Trust and security

Deliver rich, more accurate provider data

From understanding a provider’s philosophy of care to seeing a video on their clinical approach, members can find their unique provider match with rich provider profiles that drive engagement. And, with data from more than 300,000 providers around the country, you can improve the accuracy of your provider information in areas like languages, training and board certifications, while retaining control over the specific attributes you bring into the member-facing HealthSparq One experience.

icon of circular path from person to hospital_close care gaps

Close gaps in care

Appointment availability is one of the most important factors for people when searching for a doctor, and 93% of people say scheduling a healthcare appointment should be as easy as booking a dinner reservation online. Plus, more people are using telehealth. (source HealthSparq 2021 Benchmark Survey)

member satisfaction

Boost member satisfaction

Nine out of ten people say that finding healthcare options should be as easy as finding a place to eat out. Help members confidently select the right provider match for their unique needs and preferences with richer profiles, and give them easier access to care through online appointment scheduling and telehealth.

Make Searching for a Provider Easier

Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) has expanded its partnership with HealthSparq, a healthcare guidance and transparency technology company serving health plans, and its parent company, Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, to make it easier for members to find the right care providers. GHP is the first health plan to use HealthSparq’s new Path to Care solution to power its provider directory with richer, more accurate data that helps members better navigate their healthcare choices.

Path to Care enables health plans to leverage enriched provider data from participating health systems on the Kyruus platform to enhance their online provider search experiences. As part of an integrated health system that provides care to more than half a million members and patients in Pennsylvania, GHP’s online provider directory has thousands of monthly visits from people searching for in-network doctors and facilities.

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