HealthSparq Rewards: Achieve Healthcare Savings By Giving Members a Nudge to Shop

There are few significant purchases that people make today without comparing prices, reading reviews and doing a little online research. The internet has paved the way to the empowered consumer by opening doors to endless information sharing. These consumers now have more power than ever across almost every segment in today’s markets and industries, from books to cars to real estate. So it often comes as a surprise (and with much frustration) that in this era of empowered consumers, we have failed to achieve broader consumerism in healthcare. Not only has shopping for healthcare savings not caught on at scale, but consumers in many cases are not even aware they have the option.

Enter a catalyst to healthcare shopping: financial incentives for choosing cost-effective healthcare choices. Why? Because incentives work. In fact, our research has shown that almost 80 percent of people would choose a suggested imaging center with an incentive as low as $25.

group pointing at laptopToday, Healthsparq offers an integrated digital experience for health plan members. Within our health plan clients’ websites, members use HealthSparq to search for providers, find costs for healthcare services and procedures, and, with our incentives program, now they can receive a gentle nudge to shop more effectively and make better healthcare choices.

Why HealthSparq Rewards Works for Your Health Plan:

  1. Maximize Savings Opportunities – HealthSparq delivers a claims-based analysis and insights to identify the right medical treatments that health plans should count as rewardable activities specific to where members live and get their healthcare. We analyze data to find healthcare savings opportunities at the local level to deliver an impactful ROI for your plan and your employer groups.
  2. Deliver an Integrated Experience – Interact with members when they most need support as they look for doctors and medical facilities. As members search, they’ll see contextual alerts notifying them about the opportunity to earn rewards for making smarter healthcare choices. This is the most opportune time to guide members and build trust about rewards (see our white paper on how incentives work for healthcare).
  3. Enhance Your Brand – As a white-labeled healthcare solution, HealthSparq promotes a seamless experience for your members, creating an intuitive extension of your digital landscape. Your members won’t be confused that they’ve been transferred to a third-party vendor. Instead, HealthSparq works with you to establish continuity in your members’ healthcare journey as part of the experience you provide to them today. They can enjoy shared healthcare savings while feeling supported by their health plan in making smarter healthcare choices.

Ready to talk about engaging your members, building trust and saving money? Get in touch with us today to learn more and see a demo of the tool in action.