Smart Choices Should be Rewarded

Smart healthcare shopping has its own rewards. But sometimes members need a little extra motivation. Programs that offer financial rewards for care choices can help educate your members about pricing and incent them to select lower-cost providers. With our award-winning healthcare shopping incentives program, you can help people save money, increase engagement, and boost member satisfaction. It’s a win-win-win.

HealthSparq Rewards is part of the HealthSparq One® experience, so members can access Rewards in the same place they search for high-quality providers and healthcare. Making healthcare shopping incentives this simple means a more positive experience for your members, while everyone saves, including your health plan.

People want to save money, and they’re asking for help to do it:

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We’ve found that health plan members want rewards programs:

Health care rewards

Why HealthSparq?

motivate health plan members

Motivate members to act

Using in-depth consumer research and best practices in program design, we’ve created an intuitive, integrated experience to optimize healthcare shopping behavior. This means members feel empowered while being motivated to save on care—even when they’ve already hit their deductible or are simply shopping for preventive care services.

Health plan member engagement

Boost engagement

HealthSparq Rewards is delivered under your brand within HealthSparq One, where you retain control of all marketing efforts, so you truly gain the benefits of member engagement. Our actionable, data-driven insights are designed to help you optimize your plan offerings, communication efforts, and member experiences.

Save money

Healthcare shopping incentives result in real savings for your members, plan, and employer groups. Above are just a few examples of average savings earned via HealthSparq Rewards.

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