Smart Choices Should be Rewarded

Incentivizing members to shop for for care is a winning strategy for your health plan and your employer groups. The HealthSparq Rewards program is an effective way to engage and guide members by highlighting lower cost, higher quality, or preferred providers. HealthSparq Rewards has the power to drive long-term behavior change that adds up to real savings.

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Gap In Consumer Understanding

People look to their health plan to help them understand costs and evaluate care options based on quality ratings and robust provider profiles. But members don’t know where to get started.

Create Motivation Through Healthcare Incentives

Research reveals financial incentives as low as $25 have the power to motivate healthcare consumer behaviors. Your members are even willing to shop around for complex, high-cost procedures when an incentive is offered.

Stats that showcase members' behaviors can be changed with incentive programs.

Tailored Programs To Reach Your Goals

Health plan member engagement

Boost Engagement

Create deeper member engagement within your HealthSparq One® experience or custom application. As people search for care, they are alerted of opportunities to earn healthcare financial rewards.

motivate health plan members with Healthcare shopping incentives

Motivate Action

Provide a guided experience—easy-to-spot rewardable icons encourage members to sign up for savings.


icon of coin with dollar sign indicating Healthcare shopping incentives

Generate Savings

Leverage data-driven insights to identify rewardable opportunities for maximum healthcare savings and increased utilization of high-quality care options.

Bar chart pointing upwards indicating increasing revenue with Healthcare shopping incentives

Drive Revenue

Strengthen self-insured relationships and recognize revenue by selling your rewards program directly to groups.

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