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Ratings and reviews are central to online shopping—and healthcare shouldn’t be any different. Your members want to know about the care experiences of people just like them and they want to share their own perspectives on these providers, too. HealthSparq Reviews is a reliable source of patient reviews for health plans, allowing you to give your members valuable, verified insights about all types of care providers.

With HealthSparq Reviews, members can read straight-from-the-source experiences about a doctor’s quality of care, accuracy of diagnosis, communication skills and even wait times as they search. Once they find a provider who meets their needs, it’s easy for them to submit a review to share their own experiences, boosting your provider relationships and giving you a firsthand understanding of patient satisfaction.

Patient Reviews for Health P

 Why HealthSparq?

Give members more information

Give members the information they want

Searching for a new provider doesn’t mean just looking at costs and network status. Real experiences from other patients can be incredibly influential—and beneficial—as members make a choice about where to seek care.

health plan provider search experience

Enhance your provider search experience

Don’t force your members to go elsewhere to learn about a primary care physician, specialist or facility. A better member experience is built in when patient reviews are conveniently located where a member is already searching.

health plan member satisfaction

Help your providers understand your members

By tapping into patient insights from reviews, you can work together with network providers to improve the healthcare experience and offer a verified process for building their patient base.

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