HealthSparq One®

Bringing Clarity and Transparency to Healthcare

Guide your members through their unique healthcare journeys

Healthcare is confusing, often leaving members frustrated and confused. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to HealthSparq One, our comprehensive healthcare guidance and transparency solution, whether your members are looking for a doctor, treatment, facility, or cost estimate, you can give them a clear view of their healthcare options. Our platform goes beyond a simple cost estimator to meet all of your members’ needs, from treatment planning to appointment setting and beyond.

A SaaS platform tailored to your plan’s unique goals

HealthSparq One delivers continuous enhancements at scale, allowing you to create a unique experience that meets your specific needs. Gain insights about member behavior and optimize engagement through a 360-degree view of interactions with your plan. And, if you prefer to manage your own applications, our APIs seamlessly integrate your valuable data to power a truly customized member experience.

Offer the right care, at the right place and save

Empower your members to be smart consumers by encouraging them to seek care from high-quality, cost-effective providers. With HealthSparq One, you can guide members to convenient healthcare, such as telehealth or urgent care, or even provide access to clinical triage via live chat.

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A comprehensive platform that meets the unique needs of your member population

HealthSparq One in Action

In Megan’s first trimester, she wanted to better understand if the savings she had set aside for her delivery was enough – and if she could learn more about some of the care she would need along the way. She learned about HealthSparq through her Insurer and decided to give it a try. She was able to search “labor and delivery,” and quickly pull up the doctors in her area, and compare the costs of regular delivery and C-section for each provider. She found the doctor she already thought she’d like to use during her pregnancy and compare the typical cost of treatment at that facility to the others. Once she decided her choice was a good one, she took a look at the timeline of her pre-natal care through delivery using HealthSparq’ unique treatment timeline feature. “It’s so helpful to see everything involved in delivery laid out on a timeline, both for financial planning and to just understand the journey ahead. Also, even though I knew who I wanted my OBGYN to be, other moms might find it useful to look at the quality info and reviews that HealthSparq has on area hospitals. It’s a great start for choosing a doctor.”