New energy at HIMSS 2022 to reinvigorate healthcare

If you’re like me, you’ve settled back into your (home) office but you’re still reflecting on the activity and insights from being onsite in Orlando for HIMSS 2022. I’m certain we can all agree that the energy and enthusiasm this year have reached new heights. I’ve been attending HIMSS annually for years, but something felt different.

As I walked into the expansive theaters for keynotes, or long hallways for breakout sessions – the first thing I noticed was the theme, Reimagining Health. When I listened to the wide array of incredible speakers and had conversations with top leaders in healthcare, it struck me. For the first time, reimagining healthcare feels…possible.

Let’s face it, we work in and navigate an overly complex ecosystem to access and pay for care. But there is a shift in the landscape that’s causing deep change in the American healthcare system.

How Americans engage with the healthcare system and consume care has shifted dramatically. We’ve seen trends like telehealth utilization skyrocket, provider offices with closed doors opened their “digital front door,” hospitals quickly stand up modern digital health and scheduling platforms while working to manage spikes in patient volumes, just to name a few.

All the while there were other critical influences that may have an even greater impact on the healthcare ecosystem long-term.

CMS and HHS started writing requirements and mandates for hospitals, health systems, and insurers to post prices, display negotiated rates, refresh provider data every quarter and more.

This is where the real opportunity is. Consumers are engaging with the healthcare system in new ways at a time when there is now access to more information than consumers have ever had before.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like healthcare reimagined! We’re looking at the greatest opportunity, perhaps of our lifetime, to reinvent the American healthcare system to truly serve everyone. Increasing engagement and access to information, lowering barriers for care access, reducing the cost of care delivered, and modernizing the interaction model between members and their health plans, and patients with their providers have been an ambition of the healthcare industry for years–dare I say decades?

And now, finally, it feels possible.