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Vasectomies, Wellness Treatment Searches Gain Popularity in the New Year

March 26, 2015
Insurance News Net, Staff Writer People in the United States increasingly shopped for vasectomies in the first quarter of the New Year. Read more…

Who Covers the Cost of Preventative Surgery Like Angelina Jolie’s

March 25, 2015
Time Money, Kara Brandeisky Faced with a genetic predisposition to cancer, Angelina Jolie opted for a preventive surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But can other women afford to do the same? Read more…

Gawker Examines Variations in Surgical Prices by City

March 19, 2015
FierceHealthFinance, Ron Shinkman Prices for common medical procedures at hospitals vary widely by city, according to a new examination by the online publication Gawker. Costs can differ by 200 percent or more. Read more…

Vasectomies, wellness treatment searches gain popularity in the New Year

March 19, 2015
Data from HealthSparq reveals new seasonality in patient health care shopping behaviors

Health Care Costs in Houston Compared to Elsewhere

March 18, 2015
Houston Chronicle, John-Henry Perera Not all appendixes, bunions and tonsils are removed equally in the U.S., according to data from HealthSparq and Gawker. Read more…

The Baffling Price Differences for Common Surgeries Across America’s Cities

March 17, 2015
When you want to buy something - a lunch, a shirt or a plane ticket - you can usually find the price of the item on a menu, tag or online listing. It’s not as easy when it comes to health care. Read more…

Here’s How Much Medical Procedures Cost in Different Cities

March 17, 2015
Gawker, Hamilton Nolan America’s health care system has many problems. One is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to know how much things cost. We asked for prices on health care. Now, we’ve assembled some for you. Read more…

Portland Firm’s Study Sheds Light On Why So Few People Use Online Health Care Tools

March 8, 2015
Portland Business Journal, Elizabeth Hayes While consumer demand for online health care shopping tools is high, engagement with those tools is low. HealthSparq and consulting firm Cicero Group teamed up to find out why that is. Read more… HEALTH CARE SHOPPING TRENDS

Study Reveals People Demand Healthcare Shopping Tools, But Don’t Know When Health Plans Offer Them

March 5, 2015
New findings from Cicero Group show that health plans must improve communication with their members to build tool utilization.
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