On Demand Webinar: FHIR and Provider Directories

Health care interoperability can help our industry reduce health care costs and improve outcomes—while truly delivering on the promise of consumerism. Final rules, just released on Monday, March 9, provide a framework for how to accomplish interoperability, but there are important considerations for infrastructure, scalability, structuring data and data quality. Taking a closer look at the provider data requirement, this session provides new insights on how to prepare for possible gaps between how health plans manage provider data internally today, and meeting FHIR® data standards for interoperability. Key takeaways from the session will include:

  • Understand proposed interoperability rules
  • Learn new ways to map and structure data for successful distribution of provider data
  • Uncover challenges in handling different types of queries on data sets
  • Revisit data quality with a new lens based in interoperability requirements