Deliver Personalized Price Transparency Your Members Can Depend On

Eliminate the confusion that comes with searching for healthcare costs by giving your members a clear understanding of what they should expect to pay before scheduling an appointment.

HealthSparq One Cost, part of the HealthSparq One® platform, is a price transparency solution that estimates a member’s out-of-pocket expenses and shows pricing variations for the same care. Your members can search and compare costs for hundreds of medical services, including complex episodes of care, and get the detailed information they need to make more informed, cost-effective choices that save money.

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We’ve found that health plan members want transparency solutions:

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 Why HealthSparq?

health care cost savings

Drive down costs

81% of people want their health plan to give them the tools they need to save money on healthcare. The savings are real—for members and health plans alike—when people are empowered to compare providers, facilities, and medications and see price variations for themselves.

health care cost transparency

Give your members the power of planning

Provide your members with the full picture of more complex treatments like surgery. Our unique treatment timelines provide details on the cost and time involved for each stage of an end-to-end episode of care, from the doctor’s office to the surgery center or hospital and beyond.

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Meet mandates and gain a competitive advantage

As new state and federal mandates on price transparency and shared savings emerge, you need a flexible, scalable solution to address these requirements. Even more importantly, our best-in-class healthcare transparency and guidance platform helps your organization stay ahead of the competition by delivering meaningful value to both members and employer groups.

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