HealthSparq Rewards API

Reward Members for Smarter Healthcare Choices

The same healthcare service can vary by hundreds—and even thousands—of dollars in the same geographic area. Yet your members don’t always see these differences, especially for care options with low or no cost sharing requirements. Give your members a reason make smart, cost-conscious choices by offering financial incentives.

The HealthSparq Rewards API integrates our award-winning healthcare shopping rewards program, which encourages savvy healthcare shopping and engages members, directly into your price transparency tool and other member touch points. It’s a win all-around for savings and satisfaction for health plans, employer groups and members alike.

Research shows that not only are healthcare shopping rewards programs in demand, they can also make a big difference in changing member behavior. Consumers tell us* that:

*Using Financial Incentives to Drive Big Changes in Consumer Behavior, 2020



Why HealthSparq?

HealthSparq Rewards makes shopping for care—and earning financial incentives—simple. Our intuitive healthcare shopping rewards program can be integrated into the HealthSparq One platform, meaning that members can access their rewards in the same place they search for healthcare providers and costs online. Or, you can use our API option to bring HealthSparq Rewards into your own cost estimation experience.

Easy for you

HealthSparq Rewards is delivered under your brand, so you maintain control of member communications. We take care of the rest! HealthSparq’s team of experts identify the optimal service savings opportunities for your plan and self-insured employer groups and manage everything from incentive design to fulfillment.

Easy for members

With HealthSparq Rewards, there are no complicated points systems, difficult sign-up processes or separate log-ins for different sites. We make it simple for members to opt-in and receive alerts about rewardable services while they search.

Taking it up a notch with group savings

Learn how HealthSparq Rewards helps employer groups save big on medical spend by engaging their employees, guiding them to cost-effective providers and rewarding smart shopping behavior.

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