Smart choices should be rewarded

People like to save money and know they are getting quality services, especially when it comes to health care. Give your members a little extra nudge in the right direction. HealthSparq Rewards is an integrated program that encourages your members to shop for high-quality, lower-cost providers and services—and earn financial rewards while they’re at it. We take care of all the fulfillment and filing—just pick the procedures to incentivize and the reward options.

Incentives Work

 Health Plan Member Rewards Statistics


Make health care shopping simple

As members search for health care costs, they are automatically alerted about opportunities to save money and earn financial rewards. No need to visit another site or create a new account. No complicated points system. Once the claim is filed, we take care of the fulfillment. Easy for them. Easy for employers. Easy for you.

Motivate members to take action

Help your members understand their options and guide them to smart choices. Using in-depth consumer research and best practices in program design, we’ve created an intuitive, integrated experience to optimize health care shopping behavior. Members are empowered to make smart choices—even when they’ve already hit their deductible or are looking for preventive care services.

Drive employer satisfaction and member engagement

When you reward members for making cost-saving choices, their employers save on health care costs too. The program is delivered under your brand, so you retain control of your member and employer communications. You’ll also get actionable, data-driven insights to optimize your offerings, communication efforts and experiences.

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