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Help Your Members Find Dr. Right

Every one of your health plan members has their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to selecting a care provider. Now you can help your members find the right fit, the very first time. HealthSparq’s user-friendly provider search technology is tailored to your plan’s needs and makes it fast and easy for members to locate a provider.

But there’s so much more to our provider search functionality than just making the right match.  With HealthSparq One® Provider Search, you can actually guide members through the process of selecting a PCP, offer information about prescription mail order options, and even connect them directly with telehealth, right from your portal. Even better, our patent-pending ‘best match’ algorithm delivers the most relevant results by recognizing the intent behind a user’s search—even when someone misspells a name or doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for. Show your members there’s no magic in finding Dr. Right—just a smart health plan that can match their preferences with the right provider.

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Why HealthSparq?

Cost and quality in healthcare

Promote affordable, quality care

Maximize your network investments and promote quality providers to help members get the best care, at the best price.

Trust and security

Boost trust in your plan and network

Give your members a search experience that’s customized to their unique coverage and benefits status.

member satisfaction

Improve Member Satisfaction

Make it easy for members to find providers for their medical, prescription, vision and dental needs all in one place and give them the option to connect to telehealth or book an appointment directly from their search.

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