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Match Members with the Right Providers

With complex healthcare benefits and so many online and in-person healthcare options, finding the right provider or facility can be a challenge. Most people are looking to their health plans for help. In fact, 75% of members say they want their health plan to help guide them through the process of finding care. You can ensure your members find cost-effective, quality care that best meets their specific needs and your network preferences with HealthSparq One.

Our solution lets members select a PCP or specialist, view cost estimates from provider profiles, and connect directly to care with telehealth access and online appointment scheduling.

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Why HealthSparq?

Cost and quality in healthcare

Promote preferred providers

Users are 3x more likely to select preferred providers with HealthSparq’s guidance-based experience. HealthSparq One supports your complex benefit designs and quality scores to help drive down costs for both you and your members, while improving healthcare outcomes.

Trust and security

Boost trust in your plan and network

Your provider directory shouldn’t make your members feel like they’re flipping through a phone book. Give members an intuitive, personalized experience to search and compare medical, dental, and vision providers, and guide them to the best options based on their benefits using proven, expert user design that’s continuously tested by our team. We’ll predict member intent to give them the most relevant care options–even when they misspell names or medical terms.

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Streamline provider data management

In addition to our NCQA-certified provider directory, we can help your plan with other business and compliance-related provider data needs. HealthSparq turns your latest provider directory data into printable directories and FHIR APIs to support plan compliance needs and reduce your administrative costs. Even add accurate, flexible, and augmented provider profiles and data to boost satisfaction and go beyond provider data mandate requirements.

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