Why #whatthehealthcare?

Recently, I hope you’ve seen a lot of people posting across social media and using the hashtag, #whatthehealthcare. Is HealthSparq behind it? Why?

Well, It’s pretty simple.  At HealthSparq, our mission is “helping people make smarter health care choices”.  The key words are people and choices.  People don’t always have choices in health care. They are, more often than not, victims of the system and unaware that they may have a choice.  #whatthehealthcare is for all of us who have had a ridiculous, frustrating, absurd, illogical, funny, or choice-less experience in health care. We want to hear them all. And because we can, we are collecting them all with the #whatthehealthcare hashtag and aggregating them on whatthehealthcare.info to highlight all the different people and ways people can be negatively impacted by health care.

But this is just the beginning. Our goal isn’t to become the crank of health care.  On the contrary, our goals are to bring these stories to light, work with our partners to help fix issues when we can, and to use these stories to drive change in an industry that is sorely in need of it.  And, if we can inject some humor and humanity into a world that needs it badly, we’ve achieved more than we set out to do.

In our world, we focus on people every day.  We involve people in our product, use those people to test what we do, and make sure we are constantly designing with people in mind.  That’s why we care about people, and if we can inspire a deeper focus on people and their stories into health care, we all win.