Smarter Choices, Healthier Bottom Lines

Are your employees leaving savings opportunities in the doctor’s office, on the operating table and at the pharmacy counter? Not only does the complexity of health care impact your employees’ wallets, it also means higher costs for you. So it makes sense to reduce your health care spend while improving employee satisfaction through the portfolio of health care cost transparency solutions available through your health plan thanks to HealthSparq One®. Please note: HealthSparq does not partner with employer groups directly. Contact your health insurance plans to ask if they offer HealthSparq’s solutions.

Meet HealthSparq One

HealthSparq One guides your employees to cost-saving, quality health care choices. From helping members find the right primary care provider, to nudging employees to select quality, cost-effective providers using incentives, HealthSparq One takes the guesswork out of health care. The end result is higher quality care, improved employee satisfaction and more sustainable health care costs for everyone.

Do the health plans you offer partner with HealthSparq?

Learn more about the capabilities we have specifically designed to help your employees engage in their care and make smarter health care choices beyond just health care cost transparency:


HealthSparq One’s capabilities are directly embedded in your health plan’s member portal so there are no additional websites to visit and no additional logins or registration required for your employees. If you aren’t sure whether your health plan offers HealthSparq One, be sure to ask about if before your next open enrollment.

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