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Do your employees need help navigating health care options? Are they leaving savings opportunities in the delivery room, on the operating table and at the pharmacy counter? Not only does the complexity of healthcare impact your employees’ wallets, it may mean higher costs for you. Increase employee satisfaction and reduce your health care spend by using the portfolio of HealthSparq services available through your health plan.

An estimated 23% of your health care spend can be eliminated when employees make smarter choices. HealthSparq helps your employees become better health care consumers—giving them greater control over their care and driving down costs.


HealthSparq’s Employer Cost Savings Analysis

How much health care spending can be eliminated by helping your employees shop for their care?


Talk to your health plan about how HealthSparq can help you reduce health care costs and drive employee engagement.

HEALTHSPARQ ONE® – Delivers health care provider information, pricing and recovery timelines for hundreds of medical conditions, so your employees can navigate their health care journey with greater confidence and control—from the first sign of a medical need through recovery.

HEALTHSPARQ REWARDS – Incentivize your employees to make better health care decisions with alerts to lower-cost, higher-quality services when shopping for providers or treatments.

HEALTHSPARQ RX COMPARE – Extends the power of our HealthSparq One platform with medication cost and quality insights, as well as personalized support from licensed pharmacists from our partner MedSavvy.

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