Health Systems

Guide patients to healthier choices

Health care is complex—even when you’re an expert. Let’s give patients a helping hand.

Recent research of health systems executives indicates cost transparency as a primary challenge they want to address. One of the top ways they want to use to improve transparency is through patient engagement. Better patient engagement has proven to boost satisfaction, lower business risk and improve financials for health systems. Where does it all start? By helping people make smarter health care choices before they even get to the doctor’s office or clinic.

Most people do their own health care research online, but generic information on providers, specialties and office locations isn’t enough. People need personalized information and guidance to the best options—from the doctor’s office to urgent care to telehealth—based on their medical situation, provider availability, insurance coverage and provider preferences. That’s where we come in.

People Want to Know Their Health Care Costs

Why HealthSparq?

HealthSparq’s mission is helping people make smart, confident, and cost saving, health care choices. Today, we power online health care tools for almost 70 million people to help them find the care they need using real-world, claims-based health care data. We already help providers like you better connect with patients through our HealthSparq One platform for health plans that helps their covered members, including:

We speak the language of health care. Let our experts help your organization find new ways to engage with prospects, guide them to smarter choices, and convert them to loyal patients.