Deliver the Right Digital Tools to Medicare Beneficiaries

Consumers have higher expectations for health care than ever. Members want to know which providers they have access to, which are the best for their needs and how much they’ll pay out-of-pocket. Employers want to know how to help guide their employees to high-value care while reducing health care costs.

Now, you can help by offering the tools people need to navigate the confusing world of health care by shining a light on prices, quality and benefits coverage, eliminating confusion and encouraging better care decisions.

Improve member engagement and lower costs using proven transparency and guidance solutions.

Meet HealthSparq One

HealthSparq takes in volumes of claims, provider, quality and other health care data and transforms it into holistic, personalized decision-making support for each stage of a Medicare beneficiary’s health care journey. From helping them select a primary care provider, to showcasing quality facilities and connecting them with telehealth or scheduling an appointment, HealthSparq One takes the guesswork out of health care. The results are better outcomes, improved satisfaction and higher Star Ratings. Plus, because HealthSparq can address many of your member support and compliance needs, you’ll reduce the workload of your internal resources.

Platform Capabilities Designed for Commercial Health Plans

Why HealthSparq?

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